The possibilities abound in Minnesota.  Just like with eating, there is such a range of places to visit because Minnesota is such a great mix of cities, suburbs, country, river towns, and everything in-between.  I’ll have a separate area to peruse for wonderful camping sites.

It’s Saturday morning and you’ve had a hectic week.  The weekend is yours.  Whether it’s you, you and a significant other, your family, or somewhere in-between, you have a lot of choices of where to go.

One place that our family enjoys going to for a quick getaway is Taylor Falls, about an hour drive from the Twin Cities.   There is a something for everyone here- plenty of hiking and waterfall viewing at Interstate State Park on the St. Croix River, cute shops for getting ice cream,  or browsing hand-made jewelry at the Bead Store, where there are tons of jewelry-making treasures that you can create yourself or buy already finished.

When you get hungry, stop by The Drive-In (572 Bench St.), a classic drive-in carhop where you can re-live the 50s with a yummy hamburger, fries and a homemade milkshake.

Where do you go when the weather is awful, but you feel like going to the City or getting some culture? The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (2400 3rd Ave S.) a FREE, yes I said FREE, top-notch classic, New York standard museum.  Again, perfect for a solo day out, with a friend, or with family.  There’s even places to eat and to get a cup of coffee and snacks.  You can easily spend the entire morning or afternoon here and you’ll get lost in inspiration. And bonus- both the beautiful gardens outside and of course the inside are perfect backgrounds for photos.