My family and I favor reasonably-priced places to eat where you can either have an amazing foodie experience or get a good value for what you pay.   I’ll be listing many places on here that you’ll be glad you stopped in at.

One of our favorite places to go for breakfast that always fills you up and has very fast and efficient service is Pannekoeken in St. Louis Park (4995 Excelsior Blvd) They are on the more expensive side in our opinion, but it’s a place where you will be very filled up, especially for breakfast, so I think worth the price.  Their menu is so full of fantastic selections- mostly classics- try their pot roast!  Once you get past the name of the place (it’s basically a Dutch baby pancake) this will be one of your go-to places when you want to fill up quickly to get somewhere or just linger on a weekend.   Food is always delicious, fresh, and service is top -notch.   Pic below is their Fiesta Skillet that is my favorite- eggs, grilled chicken, avocado, pica de gallo, and hash browns.  Ask for the fruit bowl to get the yummy fruit you see in the background.  Oh- and the freshest and yummiest toast of any diner!  Enjoy.Another favorite place for casual breakfast or lunch is Capital View Cafe (637 Smith Ave  S., St. Paul )  This is your classic and very hard-to-find neighborhood cafe.  It’s run by Mom-n-Pop, and is definitely not a chain restaurant.  They have a eclectic and classic mix of American and Mexican dishes.  Have a relaxing breakfast or meet a friend for coffee-you’ll be glad you found this hidden gem.

Have you ever found yourself in Minneapolis, and just wanted to go to a place to eat lunch or dinner, but without the super long lines and pretentious service, yet still have the hip city vibe? Well then Pizza Luce is the place for you!  They have different locations, but our fave is  2200 E Franklin Avenue.  We’ve even brought our 7-year old here many times and it’s been perfectly comfortable.  Very friendly and efficient service with a fun, edgy menu.

Dari-ette Drive-In (1440 Minnehaha Ave E, St Paul- SEASONAL closes in early October for the season)    Such a nostalgic, cute place!   If you miss old-school Italian food and classic desserts, and just want a simple drive-in rather than a fancy sit-down place, then Dari-ette is the place for you.   On the pricey side, but well worth it for the classic throw-back style.   Simply drive up and park wherever there are speakers and look at their menu.  When you are ready to order, simply press the button and order, kick back and the food is here!   Meatball sandwiches, pizza burgers, old-world style spaghetti are just the beginning.  They will also have specials with State-Fair like items for a limited time- funnel cake sticks with a strawberry sauce, battered elote corn bites with charred corn and a blend of cheeses- go onto their Facebook page and see what’s the latest and greatest.  And their bread is homemade and, well it looks and smells like it came out of your grandmother’s oven- so fresh and soft.  For dessert,  definitely try their banana malt!  When we stopped in for our first visit, we only ordered only one banana malt and the hubby and I actually started fighting over it and we ended up ordering another one- it was that good.