Our family has been camping for a good while in Minnesota, and are favorite state parks for camping are:

Itasca State Park  This park has plenty of everything!  Yes more of the touristy side but big enough and with enough amenities and well-managed.  Tons of places to hike and bike. A huge visitor center, and also the headwaters to the Mississippi River. It’s the perfect place if you don’t want to “rough it.”  It’s also the park we think have the nicest restrooms (so important when you’re camping!)

Whitewater State Park  Your classic park to camp.  Especially gorgeous in the fall and recently added a brand-new campground, this beautiful gem is only two hours away from the Twin Cities.

Scenic State Park Farther up north, a  tranquil and remote destination.  Not as actively managed by park rangers as many other campgrounds, so you’re more on your own but I promise you will hear plenty of wildlife at night-especially loons (the birds, not fellow campers)